Diogenes. A story they didn't teach in History class.

In case you ever repeat this story... it's Diogenes. Di-ah-joe-knees. If you spit out anything similar to Dee-o-jeans you're on your own.

Once upon a time, Alexander the Great traveled to the city where Diogenes lived. Alexander's teacher was Aristotle - a philosopher among philosophers! 

Because Alexander the Great was a fanboy of philosophers, he decided to seek out Diogenes once he got to town.

Alexander found Diogenes lying down -  buck nekid in a field. 

Alexander: "Diogenes, is there any wish I may fulfill for you?"

Diogenes: glanced up at Alexander and replied “I wish for you to get out of my sunlight.”

Alexander: “If I were not Alexander, I would wish to be Diogenes.”

Diogenes: “If I were not Diogenes, I would also wish to be Diogenes.”

The end. 


  1. I've heard this story before, I just don't now from where, one thing that is for sure is that it wasn't taught in history class.


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